The Build

Wall Mural with woman holding a martini and the word Moonshine

the build


Raillery was conceived out of all the best memories in restaurants, taverns, and bars wrapped into one idea. We love the idea of a free place to laugh out loud, have spirited conversation and feel secure enough to tease each other just a little bit.

The restaurant features art and concepts paying tribute to a truly American time, Prohibition. The prohibition theme/vibe is a celebration of a special time for bars, and for the American people. We simply love the idea of a Speakeasy and what they were bourn of. It was a cool piece of time.

Hope you like it.


The core values of the build were to take something old and make it new again, resurrect a space, breathe life back into it while being conscious of our carbon footprint. We elected to alter things in order to create a new independent feeling while harvesting as much as possible from what was already here. We assure you this was no easy task, it was far more difficult and costly to remove, re-purpose and re-build but we loved the idea and love the results.

We worked hard to invite only local businesses into the project from Glass, Carpentry, Mechanical, electrical, to design consulting, interior decorating and graphic design. Every effort was to stay local and work with smaller vendors

We think they did a great job.

energy efficiency

We care about the world we live in and the planet we leave behind. As part of our core commitment, we knew we needed to invest in this part of the project and did.

Raillery enlisted the very best designers and contractors to help us build not only a comfortable space inside and out, while utilizing leading edge practices and technologies to provide a functional and efficient platform with sustainability to last for years.

The lighting system was converted from an antiquated incandescent and florescent system to a fully LED design cutting consumption and inefficiencies. The air conditioning, heating, and ventilation for the space was updated and upgraded utilizes the latest in demand ventilation control to achieve some of the highest efficiencies in the market today. Command Air (The leader in restaurant hood design) worked closely with the HVAC designers to make sure the air ejection system and HVAC work in concert to insure only air that is needs to be removed is, therefore controlling the influx of new.

We know you may not be aware of all the time, effort, and expense, that’s the point.


During the process we met with many different artists and discussed different ideas. The small group we chose to work with were the people that “got it”.

Look around.

Special Thanks to Mark Grundig. Mark is one of those guys that “got it”. His creative talent and vision were instrumental in the creation and final look of the main Mural in the bar as well as the subtle details that brought the feeling together.

Thank you, Mark!

Kudos to anyone that can come up with the year and model of the car…

Wall Mural with woman holding a martini and the word Moonshine

interior design

The main designer, Shannon Dunphy, was on board from the very inception and was a constant throughout the process, always willing to help by listening to the billions of verbal ideas and convert them into tangible, doable realities. We enjoyed working hand in hand with this quiet mannered custodian of our vision. Shannon took some of the most difficult concepts and guided us through the tedious tasks of granular selections with the perfect amount of nudging and rigidity all perfectly placed to create a spectacular result. She got us where we wanted to go,

…and she let us feel like it was our idea.