A seldom used word that means kindhearted banter, teasing, joking, these ideas sum up the vibe of great places.
Come hang out with us for a little while, take in the sights, sounds, and scene.


Our mission is to bring you the truly excellent neighborhood restaurant experience. We pride ourselves at Raillery, for serving familiar cuisine, in a fun and casual environment for the entire family. Our community means everything to us, so when you’re here you are family.

Come in and relax, let us turn your day around. 

our passion

The food is our passion. We buy local, We keep it fresh and its ever changing.

Room with garments and other merchandise

rail rags

Terrible name, cool stuff. Hot or cold, we have you covered.

for the road

You don’t have to go home, but you can take it with you.


Teamwork is key

We believe that the place is about people, You the customer and us the Team. But mostly you. Anyways we felt you should meet some key players.

Matt Dean

Just Cool

Giving guests an outstanding experience is Matts Mission. He accepts it with pride and the resume to back it up. Matt is driven to make the “Rail” the best place in town. We’re with him on that one. Matt’s career path has exposed him to some great things, different ways to do things, and better approaches, these coupled with a wide-open approach to business are the perfect ingredients for our team and you, the customer. Matt wants to meet you, he wants to know you, say hello to him and tell him something constructive, or even better a fun story.

Luis Rivera

chief cook

Luis joined us as a line cook at our sister, The Gavel. He moved up, earning each opportunity, until he was running day-to-day operations as Kitchen Manager. Luis joins us, in his first debut, opening Raillery and continuing his ascent in the business. His growth opens a door for The Gavel Team to shine while maintaining a fluid connection between our locations. We love that we were able to give this talented, driven guy the opportunity to grow. His stable, steady management style is almost as special as the spectacular creations he puts together for us.