A seldom used word that means kindhearted banter, teasing, joking, these ideas sum up the vibe of great places.
Come hang out with us for a little while, take in the sights, sounds, and scene.


A place for stories, true and true to you.
Facts that probably need checking. Laughter at and with you.
A place where everyone knows your name but calls you something else.
A place where the voices can get boisterous, and the banter is real.
A place where Challenges are won and lost in a single visit.

The Vibe

The restaurant features art and concepts paying tribute to a truly American time, Prohibition. The prohibition theme/vibe is a celebration of a special time for bars, and for the American people. We simply love the idea of a Speakeasy and what they were born of. It was a cool piece of time.

our passion

The food is our passion. We buy local, We keep it fresh and its ever changing.

Room with garments and other merchandise

rail rags

Terrible name, cool stuff. Hot or cold, we have you covered.

for the road

You don’t have to go home, but you can take it with you.


Teamwork is key

We believe that the place is about people, You the customer and us the Team. But mostly you. Anyways we felt you should meet some key players.

The General

Cool and stylish

Christine Monahan came into Raillery with style and flair, also a strong trusted partner that exudes confidence and leadership. We are lucky to have her and glad every day she is on our side. Christine has deep roots in fast paced action filled hospitality which she originally brought to the Gavel Public House (Our Sister), she started there as some type of regular employee but it quickly became evident that she was destined for greater things. Christine has a strong but kind approach to management which gelled with ownership immediately and still stands as the foundation of her management style. Honesty, integrity, and a work ethic that simply can’t be duplicated round out her base line skill set. We believe she is amongst the best in the world at doing what she does.

We let her do it.
Which means we stay out of her way…

Chief Cook and bottle washer

Luis Rivera

Luis joined us as a line cook at our sister, The Gavel. He moved up, earning each opportunity, until he was running day-to-day operations as Kitchen Manager. Luis joins us, in his first debut, opening Raillery and continuing his ascent in the business. His growth opens a door for The Gavel Team to shine while maintaining a fluid connection between our locations. We love that we were able to give this talented, driven guy the opportunity to grow. His stable, steady management style is almost as special as the spectacular creations he puts together for us.

The Guy

Tom G (TJ)

When we envisioned another location, our goal was to create a new experience that offered the same levels of flavor, quality and service as The Gavel. We have what we considered to be some of the best in the business already, but we wanted to nail it down. TJ, a close friend who authored the original culinary conversion at The Gavel, was busy operating his own place (Parkers Pub). When asked, he responded without hesitation, “Whatever I can do.” We took him up on the offer. He was instrumental in gathering the team back together to kickoff this new venture, building on the foundation that began with The Gavel. TJ and Luis have a strong history and healthy respect, so the team picked up where they left off. The results are amazing! Our menu is a true mixing of ideas and it is a pleasure to watch them all work together.


We want to simply say thank you to all the people, communities that we don’t always get to meet or show our appreciation to. We are talking about everyone out there that helps and supports our teams. In today’s world we forget that it takes a village to create such great people. We have some of the best so you guys must be magnificent. Here’s to everyone that, takes us places early or late, drops off a kid at their first job, the person that gave them great advice, helped us through something, the hero that our people look to, the ones that let them make a mistake, the coach that shapes their drive, the teacher that taught more than a lesson. Not every hero wears a cape.

This part is for all you heroes.

The Middle

These are the many, the people that are here working and making it happen every day, working under the leadership and making the impossible a reality. Remember when you see them to say “Hi”, and try to keep in mind that the way we all treat these many could influence on our cumulative future. These are the leaders of tomorrow, the Doctors, lawyers, Mechanics, politicians, trash people, and Officers….


Nothing exciting here.